Monday, September 14, 2015

Another Transfer (Charleston, IL)

Hello Family and Friends

I'm doing OK.  I got pretty sick recently so that was not fun. The money you sent came just in time to pay the copays and things. I'm glad things are doing good with you.  I am moving to a new area so don't send me any thing until I give you my new address. I'm so glad to hear about how the members of the word are helping you guys out so much with the Anderson kids.  Hopefully they kids can form a bond there with ward members. 

My new area that I've been transferred to is Charleston IL.  My new companion's name is Elder Coka (ch-o-ka).  He goes home in two months. He is from Albania. It is a small country just above Greece.  Charleston is pretty cool.  I have been put back out in the country, so mostly just a lot of cornfields and soybeans.  Charleston has a ward, not a Branch, but it is pretty small. 
I just want everyone to know that I'm doing OK.  I'm fairly happy. I just have the regular mission stresses.  Things are getting easier for me just because I'm accustomed to mission life now.

Talk to you next week

Elder Butler