Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Great Experiences

Well it has still been very slow because of the Holidays but we have been teaching some very cool people. Mostly less active members. Sorry I wasn't able to message you on Monday, the library was closed.  I love hearing from you guys. I've got to tell you about an experience that I had last Monday. We are teaching a less active family and the Father does not want to come to church.  He is breaking the Word of Wisdom by drinking tea. We were have a family home evening with them and that went really good, but after we were talking with him and I was filled with the spirit.  The words that I said to him were not of me.  I spoke to him with such sharpness that his very frame shook, just like when Lehi talked with Laman and Lemuel in the Valley of Lemuel.  It scared me. He acted like he was going to flee before me, but the next Sunday he came to church.  He had not been in 7 years.  Please everyone, keep writing me and praying for me.  I have attached a few photos from me and Elder Brinham messing around and having some fun.  I know Ben will love them.

Elder Butler



Monday, January 12, 2015

I am freezing!!!!!!

Hello from Sparta!
My companion is from Carlton Oregon. Church is very small here. Most Sundays are about 10 to 15 people in attendance. But last Sunday 30 people came! It is a branch because it is not big enough to be a ward. I drive to another town called Steelville to attend church on Sunday.
The weather here is about the same temp as what I am used to in Utah but because of the humidity and the wind chill it is very cold!!!!!!! A dry cold is a different than a wet cold.
There are few people progressing in the gospel here. It is kind of exciting when you ask for baptism and you a get a yes. We have no baptism dates set yet but some soft yes's.
I have not been able to type very much because the computers have a time limit then they shut off. Things are very slow here and not much moves. Especially because it is cold. I miss all of you and wish you could come visit me here.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Letter From Mission President

My mom and dad got a letter from the mission president today. The letter tells that I arrived safely in St. Louis and included a picture of me at the Temple with my mission president and his wife. The letter instructs my mom and dad to be supportive and loving when they contact me and I know that they will!

First area Sparta Illinois

Hi all!
My mission president is a very caring man. My new companion is Elder Brinham from Oregon. He is a gamer like me so we get along very well! I am in a car area so I get to drive for now. Yay! no bikes!
I am now living in a small town called Sparta in the Steelville Illinois branch. We have just drove around the small towns in the area. We have three new investigators and they are very interested. I am so happy to see the pictures of my family that are sent to me each week. I am very happy to hear about Rose getting baptized! Joshua is awesome! I have added my new address to the blog if any of you want to send things directly to me.
Love to you all.