Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Funny Experiences

Dear Family,

I really like the T-shirts that you sent me for my Birthday.  There are a few people in the mission that have them too. 

How is everyone doing at home?  Are all the kids behaving?

What's going on with Kevin?  I have not heard anything from him and I know that Jessie is back home from her mission.  How is that going? 

So, you know how when missionaries come home and tell you that they had so much fun on their missions, and it all went good?  They are not telling the whole truth!!  It is very hard to be a missionary, and it is something that you should spend two years preparing for!  I wish that I had prepared better for my mission before I left. I think I would have started out my mission a little bit smoother if I had.

Being a missionary is a different experience, definitely, and I am learning a lot.  I'm sorry for keeping everyone in the dark but I don't want you to know how hard it is out here.  Most people just don't want to talk to us, but the ones that do either want to argue, or don't know much about what they are talking about, or both. 

It is actually kind of funny when we get on the bus.  Sometimes, we get drunk people.  One time there was a drunk Jehovah's Witness that came onto the bus and gave us a "What does The Bible Really Teach?" book that was sopping wet. 

One of my first days in Hazelwood, we went to go see an investigator, but when we got to his house he was higher than a kite and he started to just spout out random stuff like "Satan's girlfriend is actually running Hell!" and other really weird stuff like that.  I hope that my stories have given you all a laugh. 

Love Elder Butler

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Old Testament studies

My week was pretty good this week.  We did not do much last P-Day, just played some cards.  I got the package you sent. Where did you get the shirts from?  I love them!! Today we are planning to go to the Arch, but I don't know if we will still do it because it is thunder storming here right now.  I will make sure to take lots of pictures if I go.  I'm glad to hear that you guys are studying the scriptures the scriptures together as a family.  My scripture studies are still going really well.  I'm reading the Book of Mormon again.  I'm currently at Alma 43, just after Alma talks to his son Corianton.  The Old Testament will be tough for you guys to read as a family.  I didn't know that they boys had to read every page of it to pass Seminary now.  That's kind of funny.  Good luck with Numbers and Leviticus.  Thanks again for the shirts!

Love Elder Butler


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Super Missionary

Hello family,
My week has been good.  We have just been mainly running around trying to stay in contact with all of our investigators and the less actives that we have been teaching. I got the package that you sent last week.  All the candy that you sent was gone in like two days. How are all of you doing?  I think about all of you a lot.  I hope that the boys and Evelyn are getting along and not fighting.  I saw the Dropbox pictures.  Ben needs to learn how to take a selfy right.  It looks like Josh and Ben had a good time at Trek.  I added a video to my file.  I got bored so I  made a one.  Also a few fun pictures from my adventures here.
Stop for the Hogwart's Express at the Train Station
My companion (Elder Stowe)
Not a very good picture, but this is downtown St. Louis.  You can see the Arch in the background.
Love you all,
Elder Butler