Thursday, August 27, 2015

Parental Pep Talk

Dear Mom and Dad,

My week was OK.  It has been really slow but we are not sure why.  Hopefully this next week will pick up. 

So did Rose's Dad louse his kids for good or what's going on with that?

I'm glad that she is with you guys, that way she still has contact with the church. What church does Jacob go to?  How old is he?

Just remember that they still have the agency to choose.  Be careful on what you limit but be an example to them just like you are and example to us, for that is the best way to communicate what is important.  If they come to love you they will emulate you. Especially her brothers, you are the true example of manhood and fatherhood,  I know that you are because you taught me how to be a man and a father.  Don't slack on prayer and on Scripture study both personal and as a group, The spirit is essential in that home, They deserve to feel the spirit while they are there. The spirit also needs to be with you because now you have to direct this new ship.  You are its captain and patriarch. Don't fail to go to church every week because you need that spiritual rest for the rest of the week, because it will be spiritually draining.  I will be praying for you, that you will have the strength that you need to bear the load that has been given to you and also that mom will be able to give nurturing where there was none for them before even though she has her current trials physically. I will also pray for my siblings, that they will be able to be a help aid you and Mother, but that they will still feel loved by you and Mom. I know that you can do it, you were sent to Colorado as saviors to these children.  God sent you there and don't forget that. I know that I had a hard time when we first moved, but over time I have only seen good come of it, and that means that it is of God.  I know this because only good things come from God. Please remind mother of that as well because I know of her homesickness, but remind her that you and her are there from God.  You were available and He used you to fulfill his purposes. It fills me with joy when I think of you, because you were righteous, and because God was able to use you.  That you made yourselves available, and because of that, the blessings that await you in the kingdom of The Father .

 Until next week
                                                                                    Elder Butler

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