Tuesday, December 30, 2014

On my way to Missouri!!

Elder Butler gave us another surprise phone call from the Salt Lake City Airport at 7:20 this morning.  He was waiting for his flight and was given permission to call home for a few minutes while he was waiting.  He is excited to be flying again, and excited to see his new area and meet his new companion.  Alex said that he has learned a lot about the gospel these past 12 days that he has spent in the MTC.  The thing that Alex has learned most in his time in the MTC is that if you keep yourself close to the Savior, that when you speak to others about the gospel, the right words just come out without trying.  He said the food in the MTC is tastes good but that his stomach didn't always agree with him.  He has become close friends with the Sisters from the MTC that are also going to the Missouri St. Louis Mission.  He and his companion are traveling with them today.  He said that he had a lot fun in the MTC with the other missionaries, especially with his companion Elder Alston.  They stayed up late last night while packing their things and practiced their silly English accents.  It was so nice for us to hear from him.  He was able to speak with all of us, even Grandpa Jesse.  We can't wait to hear from him next week all about his new companion, Mission President, and what area he will be serving in first.

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