Monday, January 12, 2015

I am freezing!!!!!!

Hello from Sparta!
My companion is from Carlton Oregon. Church is very small here. Most Sundays are about 10 to 15 people in attendance. But last Sunday 30 people came! It is a branch because it is not big enough to be a ward. I drive to another town called Steelville to attend church on Sunday.
The weather here is about the same temp as what I am used to in Utah but because of the humidity and the wind chill it is very cold!!!!!!! A dry cold is a different than a wet cold.
There are few people progressing in the gospel here. It is kind of exciting when you ask for baptism and you a get a yes. We have no baptism dates set yet but some soft yes's.
I have not been able to type very much because the computers have a time limit then they shut off. Things are very slow here and not much moves. Especially because it is cold. I miss all of you and wish you could come visit me here.


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