Monday, March 9, 2015

Still Working in the Midwest

Hello Everyone,
Things are going really good here.  I got a letter from Dad today and I will try to reply to it. We aren't really teaching anyone new lately because we are trying to focus on the people that we have already been teaching at the moment.  We have a current teaching pool of about 13 people/families.   So many people here really like what we have to say but they don't want to do anything about it, especially going to church. We have been experiencing this phenomena where we work really hard to get someone close to baptism, and then they seem to just drop off the face of the Earth.  This can be frustrating but we are thankful for the opportunities to teach.  Please pray for us that we might help our investigators come to church and reach baptism.  We are feeding ourselves very well, but we don't often eat with members because most of the active members live so far away. It takes about an hour to get to most of them.  One funny thing that has happened is that our stake canceled  church for two weeks in a row, even  though there was no snow.  I'm glad that you guys got the package I sent.  I thought that the boys would like what I put in there.  I just saw everything at Wal-Mart and thought of you guys.   I mostly bought the book as a souvenir for when I get home but the things I sent are for all of us and I will continue to occasionally mail stuff like that home. 
Love Elder Butler 

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