Monday, April 27, 2015

More Tracting

Hello Family,

I wanted to say thanks for the pictures that you sent last week.  I'm glad that you have had a good time with Grandma and Grandpa Price.  Sorry I haven't sent more pictures back, but like I said before, my camera is broken.  I'm glad to hear that Josh, Ben, Evelyn, and Abby are doing so good. That is a real burden taken off my shoulders. They have been on my mind a lot lately.  It's so cool that Josh and Ben get to here from Elder Holland in a few weeks.  Tell them to take notes so they can remember what he has to say.  Also, please have Josh and Ben email me this week so that I can save their email addresses and start talking to them that way from now on.  Thanks for the added money this month, I've had to replace a lot of stuff this week.

I know that you guys have been reading and studying D&C as a family.  When you get done, you should really study Preach My Gospel and Jesus the Christ.  They are Great!!

My companion and I are still having a hard time talking to anyone new.  But, we did have 3 lessons this week.  Less active people, nobody new.  We are still getting used to each other as companions.  We get along ok, so that is good.  We spent most of this week visiting some new towns in our area.  We have been walking around knocking on doors and being told to go away.  I will continue to have faith and work and I know The Lord will send me in the right direction.  Please keep praying for us out here in the mission field.

Love Elder Butler

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