Monday, April 13, 2015

Making Adjustments

Hello Everyone,
President Morgan called me this morning and let me know that Grandpa Stan had passed away.  Just wanted you to know that he had talked to me about it.  We watched conference last week at our Branch Building.  What have you heard about the people that gave that opposing vote to sustaining The First Presidency?  My new companion is Elder Keel.  He is from California.  We get along OK I guess, but we don't really have anything in common.  We are working and trying really hard to get along.  He is like the smartest person that I have ever met.  Everything he does and the way he looks at me makes me think three times harder about everything I do.   
I have not been doing so good lately because of stress and my body is falling apart because I was not physically prepared to do what I am doing.  I miss the mountains.  I feel kind of exposed here.  A lot of the people here have not been very nice to us.  There are a lot of people here who are Pastors or training to be Pastors, or are related to a Pastor.  They don't treat us very nicely.  We have come across a lot of people that seem slow to remember The Lord their God.  So many of the people that do remember God fear Him and are motivated by fear rather than by love.  So many people that have been converted to the church end up leaving because they feel that the church expects too much out of them.  They don't understand God and His dealings with the children of men. 
Thanks for the encouragement and for the money that you have given me.  I don't like asking you for stuff but I am tight on money this month because none of the members feed us, so i have to pay for all three meals per day.  I have some thing wrong with my feet, so I had to buy shoe inserts.  All my stuff is breaking.  I broke my first watch, then my last comp said i could have his watch, then I broke that one and had to buy a new one. Now my camera is broken. It seems like all the things I use on a regular basis are falling apart. Even one of my suit pants is busting from the seams because of my fat butt.  :)
Family, some of the things I have learned on mission; seek truth from the book of Mormon, pray always, seek counsel from God, He can help you remove any stumbling block placed in front of you.  Please do not worry about me, but continue to pray for me.  That I will be able to adjust emotionally, physically and mentally.
Love Elder Butler

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  1. Alex, you keep your chin up. I'm very proud of you. I'm sure it's hard, and I will pray for you.Amie