Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mission Conferences!! Hearing from The Lord's Apostles!!!!

Dear Family,

I have been taking lots of pictures.  I will take even more today because I am going to the city museum today and I will take lots of pictures there.  I like the pictures you sent me of Ben tell him I am very proud of him.  Below is a picture of our fun Baseball game from last P-Day.

I really appreciate the things that you sent to me.  Especially Das Duetsh Buch Mormon (Book of Mormon in German).  I read from it all the time.  I am learning a lot from it.  I'm not only learning new German words, but things out of the Book of Mormon that I don't normally get out of the English text.  In German it says the same thing but some of the German words mean even more.  One word in German can be said in up to five words in English. 
Here is a funny story for you. Recently, we had a Mission Conference.  We had one in April, and Elder Cook came and spoke to us. 
Elder Cook
On June 1st, we had another, but this time we had Elder Christoffereson come. 
Elder Christofferson
 I will send you some of the notes I took from it later.  At the end, he had a
Q and A session with us, but for one of the questions, he asked our Mission President (President Morgan) if he wanted to answer the question.  He said that he did not want to but Elder Christofferson said to him "Of course you do!!" and he made him get up and do it.  It was pretty funny. 
Love you all,
Elder Butler

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