Monday, June 29, 2015

Tornados and Painted Sky

I was happy to hear that our old neighbor David is going to the Temple.  That is so great.  I know that I have been really not up to sending news home. That's just because sometimes I get frustrated and I don't have much to say that is good.  This week I've got something cool to go on the blog. Yesterday we had a tornado touch down close to where I am living.  It did not come close enough for me to see it, but the sky did some cool things.  First the sky turned green. YES GREEN!!! Then to a muddy brown, to orange, to a bright red!. (that's when the tornado got close to me) then as it left the sky came down to a straight pink, then back to normal. 

I love the members here.  They are very nice.  They feed us all the time, so don't worry about that.  I am also still getting along really well with my companion.  All in all I'm doing very well. Just send me more letters. 

Love Elder Butler

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