Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Loving Hazelwood

Hello Family and Friends,

How are all of you?  I'm doing pretty good. I really like my new area.  I got the package that you sent, and I really appreciate the extra money. I will try to save it better. Dad, that's really cool that you spoke in church on Sunday.  Thanks for sending me the talk you gave.  I will read over it and see what I think.

All I can really say is that you meet a lot of weird people on the bus.  Mostly people that are high, or not taking the medication they are suppose to be taking. One time we got on the train and a guy was talking to no one, saying weird things like that he had went to school and stuff.

I have been doing some teaching,  but we don't have a very big pool of people to teach. We spend some time with members, mostly helping people move, or going over to their houses for dinner. Not much really happens, other than we get told to go away a lot.  :P

I feeling thankful because my heartburn has gone away, and I'm dealing pretty well with my stress.  Tell the kids that I'm really proud of them.  I'm so glad that Evelyn likes school and got good grades, and I'm proud of Josh and Ben for working hard and passing all of their classes. 

I have included some photos.  Some of them are kind of old. 

My First District Meeting

I liked this quote

I have been working on my German skills.  Still love it.

My Bike :)
I love you all and will write again real soon.
Love Elder Butler

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