Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Old Testament studies

My week was pretty good this week.  We did not do much last P-Day, just played some cards.  I got the package you sent. Where did you get the shirts from?  I love them!! Today we are planning to go to the Arch, but I don't know if we will still do it because it is thunder storming here right now.  I will make sure to take lots of pictures if I go.  I'm glad to hear that you guys are studying the scriptures the scriptures together as a family.  My scripture studies are still going really well.  I'm reading the Book of Mormon again.  I'm currently at Alma 43, just after Alma talks to his son Corianton.  The Old Testament will be tough for you guys to read as a family.  I didn't know that they boys had to read every page of it to pass Seminary now.  That's kind of funny.  Good luck with Numbers and Leviticus.  Thanks again for the shirts!

Love Elder Butler


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