Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Enjoying the Work

Hello Family,

I am doing well here in Hazelwood, MO.  Thanks for the packages that you sent last week.  I still need to go pick one up from the Post Office, but it will have to wait because we are so busy.  It is an hour bus ride to get there and back.  I will make sure to go pick it up soon.  I feel like I'm dealing with stress a lot better now.  I really enjoy being in this area because we get to see the members all the time and it is really a lot of fun.   A lot different than my first area.  I also really like my companion Elder Stowe.  He is a really great guy and a lot of fun to be around. He is really tall, like 6'7". 

Hazelwood is pretty cool.  I like being here.  The thing I notice the most is that the clouds move really fast, unlike in Utah.  There are no mountains in the way to slow them down.  Don't tell Mom, but two days ago we had a tornado warning.  The sirens did not go off.  :(

I'm glad to hear that as a family you finished the D&C.  I told Josh to study the book of Moses in the Pearl of Great Price to help him out a little.  He should study the first chapter carefully so that Josh gets what he needs out of it.
I'm glad that Ben is doing so well.  Tell him that I am very proud of him for being advanced to a Teacher in the Priesthood and that if he continues, there is nothing stopping him from reaching exaltation.
Love Elder Butler


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